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September 8, 2009

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August 17, 2009

infinitypoolisland-supersavedHere is an original quote by yours truly, “Sacrifice is key along the path to salvation.”  I came up with that sitting in my office talking with my business partner, David.  It sounded pretty good and it was deeper than I had anticipated.  Let’s break it down word by word….

Sacrifice:  We all know it takes hard work and dedication to become successful… But it also takes sacrifice.  You usually have to give up the NOW for the LATER.  Not all the time… but… most of the time, right or right?

Key:  Our life and world is operated with keys.  Key to success, Key to salvation is being saved, Key to the executive washroom…. hahaha.  Keys are all around us.  We have to put the right key with the right opportunity and that usually means – Discernment.  We have to be able to discern good opps from the not so good.

Along the Path:  We all have a path we have taken, chosen or will choose in the future.  Along the way we will stay on the straight and narrow or we may stray away from it.  There are paths that are good for us and others that aren’t so good.  That’s ok.  We learn from mistakes and forks in the road – stumbling blocks.  Life is a journey along many paths.  Find a few good paths and stick to them.

To Salvation:  Success right?  Depends on your definition of success.  Success is different for everyone.  Could be financial success, family, afterlife, no debt, extra 10k a year, being a good person, finding the woman or man of your dreams… etc…. Salvation is whatever it means to you personally.  Think hard and create the goals to lead you to your personal salvation.

Ya know…. there are so many other things I can write about this quote— why don’t you give it a stab and tell me what it means to you.  “Sacrifice is key along the path to salvation”

Did you KNOW?

August 9, 2009


This is a powerful video with facts about the world today and where we fit into that world.  We need to start paying attention to the internet and how to make more money or side money using the greatest connection tool ever created.

That being said…. I have a question for everyone out there, “If it were possible to earn a 6 figure income, with benefits, your FIRST year in business selling e-commerce business systems, would it be worth an hour of your time to see if you qualify?” What would you say?

There is a video circulating on YOUTUBE right now and the internet is expanding like crazy —- meaning…. that’s a great place to be in business right now.  I am looking for strong sales people and motivated learners.  Money flows to people that are constantly changing and learning… if you stop learning — money will flow to everyone but you!

Think about this video.  Think about your financial future.  Email me to see if you qualify.

What do you see? Manure or Gold?

August 7, 2009

free manure signIt’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Are you the kind of person that sees this in passing and thinks nothing of it?  Are you the kind of person that sees a pile of free manure?  Are you the kind of person that sees this and says…. huh…. I wonder if I could create something from this pile of FREE manure?  The truth is… we see signs like this all the time.  They aren’t so BOLD most of the time…. However – they are there – staring us straight in the face and usually just as SMELLY.

How many opportunities do you pass up daily?  How many decisions do you make in a day?  Do you have any idea?  Thousands…. my friends… thousands.

I have a friend who is in the construction business.  He would drive past this small pile of free manure and wonder where the BIG pile of free manure was hiding.  We were driving through town 2 years ago when we saw this huge pile of manure and dirt that another contractor wasn’t going to use.  NOT USE?  WHAT???  My friend decided to pull over and have a 30 minute conversation about that pile.  (turns out there was a big pile of dirt and another pile of manure.)  My buddy negotiated the price for hauling off that dirt and manure from the other contractor…. FOR FREE.  He made a little over $25,000 for those piles that no one wanted.  Can you imagine that?  Several people told him he was so lucky to have noticed that pile and how he just always seems to fall over and find money.  Hahahahahaha…. I just have to laugh.  “Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity…. and opportunities are there all the time!!”  You either accept that fact or you choose to fight what’s right in front of you.

I just want you to consider and be aware of your surroundings everyday.  Do you look around?  Are you too caught up in the rat race to see your opportunities?  Perk up and pay attention.  You have to OPEN your mind to opportunity.  People love to buy but hate to be sold…. WHY is that?  OPEN your mind to the possibilities that are smacking you in the face and nose everyday.

this sign and pile… or actually sees signs like this all the time and you dismiss it as nothing?

Ok…. What do you see?  Free?  Some people go for free every time…. others don’t see the value cause it is free…. others see a gold mine…. why??? cause there is gold in that there pile… hahaha… I mean… I do live in Kentucky…. I have to throw it out there once in a while don’t I?

Some people see a problem…. others see a massive opportnity.  which kind of person are you?  Opportunity or a pile of manure? Look at things differently today… you never know what lies underneath.

Attitude – Are you unstoppable?

August 7, 2009


One dude with the right attitude can get people motivated and jumping all over the place. How is your attitude?  Are you worried about what others think?  Do you constantly feel afraid to go after what you really want?  You SEE…. you don’t have to DO IT FOREVER…. You just have to DO IT LONG ENOUGH.  Right or Right?

This is the most incredible PROOF and representation of what makes people tick and the small difference between success in life, or not. The two things I witnessed here:  One person’s BELIEF and many people’s ADAPTABILITY! Simply amazing! Use that formula and GO GET IT!!

What do you think?  Are you unstoppable?

Be careful what you give…. it may come back to haunt you!

August 7, 2009
ladysmoke-funnyordieLove Coupon

Be careful what you give to others.  Make sure it’s from the heart… Make sure it won’t come back to haunt you.  I think this video is great and I love the message behind it.  It really comes down to the golden rule.  Treat others and do unto others …. right?  Maybe that is a stretch here.  Maybe not.  Just make sure you don’t give what you can’t GIVE or don’t really want to give.  Make sure you don’t end up hiding from your gifts.  You might want to make sure you are prepared to give what you promised.  It all comes down to your heart.  If you give something…. you better mean it.

If you haven’t failed, you have never lived!

August 7, 2009

“Failures are are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle.” –JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL

““No man is beaten until his hope is annihilated, his confidence gone. As long as a man faces life hopefully, confidently, triumphantly, he is not a failure; he is not beaten until he turns his back on life.” — ORISON SWETT MARDEN

FAIL … FAIL … FAIL …  FAIL BETTER…  I leave you with that!